6. Dezember 2014 in Allgemeines, Isetta

Lief noch, als er das letzte mal gestartet wurde…

Für den etwas ambitionierteren Restaurator mit einer vollausgestatteten Werkstatt das optimale Projekt für die Wintertage!

Mit etwas Glück passt der sogar unter den Weihnachtsbaum…

Eigentlich schade, dass der Wagen nicht mehr im Fluss liegt, sah so friedlich aus.
Hier gehts zur Auktion auf eBay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/261680983285?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&fromMakeTrack=true

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so siehts der Verkäufer:

Rare chance to own a BMW Isetta at an affordable price.

This vehicle was stored in a climate-controlled environment for over 20 years.
It sat submerged in the DesPlaines River for that time and the local climate controlled everything.
  • Ran when new!
  • No useable parts!
  • Bring this to a car show and get a LOT of attention
  • Flat-Pack Storage
  • The Perfect Gift!

This is currently stored on a sheet of plywood on top of an old garden cart and sitting in our garden with other rotting decorative items that my wife likes (Can’t get rid of that, the kids made it!)

Plywood and garden cart are included and probably worth more than the stuff on top of it.
A couple of the photos show the Isetta at the river’s edge when it was found a few years ago and dragged there by the RiverKeepers cleanup crew.  Several hundred man-hours of work later, and with no expense spared or spent, it was removed from the muck and transported in an enclosed trailer to the garden where it sits today hoping for some fool other than me to say «I gotta have that».  
Your Questions Answered:
  • As-Is-Where-Is, no warranty expressed or implied
  • No Serial Number anywhere. No Title, Bill of Sale only
  • You will need gloves to move it
  • A current Tetanus shot would not be a bad thing either
  • Could be restored, all you need is a frame, a body, door, engine, chaincase and some other bits that can be purchased with money.
  • Enclosed transport is highly recommended.
  • All proceeds from the sale of this item will probably go to eBay and PayPal fees
  • No Bitcoins

Good luck Jim

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